I believe in the inherent value of all people.  I believe in the political, economic and social equality of the sexes. I believe in owning the power of your worth. 

Are you motivated, driven, and successful yet feeling stuck?  Do you want more out of your career and life but don't know what is missing? You know you are talented and have a purpose to fulfill, but somehow you are spinning your wheels.  

Maybe you took a job that doesn't feel right for you.  Maybe you aren't getting feedback at work which leaves you wondering if you are meeting expectations in your new role.  Maybe you accepted a lower level title or less pay than you truly deserve because a fear based thought pattern re-appeared and prevented you from asking for what you truly want. Maybe you are a high powered leader with little support, big responsibilities, and feeling lonely at the top.  

If you have experienced any of these feelings in your career, you are not alone.  How you show up and move through these situations will define your level of happiness and success in life.  If you are ready to dream big, bring out the leader within, find power in your voice, and create the life and career of your dreams, let's talk. 

As an Intuitive Leadership Coach and Speaker I am passionate about closing the gender wage gap and inspiring women to own their worth.   I help clients define their worth in the marketplace, master their "ask", and tap into the confidence needed to stand strongly in the decision to advocate for their career.  My hope and dream is to ignite the soul mission of every woman to ensure she is paid beautifully and fully for her contribution. 

As a Consultant I educate leaders, organizations and entrepreneurs about what can be done to empower and champion women in an effort to make significant progress towards closing the gender gap in compensation, leadership and visibility.  I have over twelve years of experience in corporate HR partnering with leaders to attract, develop, and retain top talent through creating and implementing programs that address diversity and equality in the workplace.