I'm on a mission to positively change corporate America for women and minorities.  I speak on negotiation, passion based businesses, equal pay, and leadership.  I'd love to join you at a women and leadership conference, employee resource group, university, business, start-up, or book club. No microphone necessary.


Ready to take that next step in your career but wondering how you should go about it? Whether you are looking to negotiate a raise, transition into a new field, or pitch a promotion you'll learn the skills and gain the confidence needed to negotiate for your career.  You'll meet others who will inspire you and move you to tears with their bravery. Join us!


Discover your inherent value.  Leverage your talents and experiences to define your market value.  Reach your goals by confidently asking for what you are worth. If you are starting a new job search, preparing to ask for a raise or promotion, or you're in the middle of a negotiation we'll create a road map to success to get you what you've earned.