I speak on self-advocacy and negotiation, equal pay, leadership and human resources.  I'd love to join you at a women and leadership conference, employee resource group, university, business, start-up, or book club. No microphone necessary.


I create tailored workshops using my HR insiders knowledge on how to create businesses and teams that support diversity and inclusion, self-advocacy, and negotiation at work.  I partner with leaders and organizations to create interactive learning sessions to empower employees to take their careers to the next level and business owners to thrive.


Join the signature Own Your Worth Activator program to confidently ask for what you want in life and career. You will develop leadership skills, use your voice to impact positive change in the workforce, and be paid competitively for your contribution.  Coaching is for people who are ready to commit to building the life and career of your dreams and have the courage to move through the fears that hold you back from reaching your highest potential.