10 Reasons to Negotiate a Job Offer or Salary Right Now

Are you looking for motivation to negotiate a new job offer in 2020? Or perhaps you’re ready to ask for a well deserved, long overdue pay raise now that your company has survived the initial wave of the pandemic.

No matter where you are in your career – looking for a new job or growing your career with your current employer, negotiating (or asking for what you need) is more important than ever.

Money matters.

Time is not a renewable resource.

Flexibility to spend quality time with your kids or family is priceless.

Now is the time to take charge of your career and get clear on what you need. Then you can ask your organization to show up for you since you’re delivering value, expertise, and results to them.

Here are my top 10 reasons why you should consider negotiating a job offer or salary right now.  

    1. If you don’t ask, the answer is “no”
    2. Leaving money on the table is costly to you, your family, and your future
    3. A $5,000 increase in pay compounds over the course of your career
    4. When you negotiate you learn more about your boss and your organization than if you were to stay silent – even if the answer is “no”.
    5. You’ll feel like a million bucks for speaking up and owning your worth!
    6. You’ll learn how to be more comfortable negotiating in the future
    7. You can find out the pay philosophy of your potential new employer before you say “yes” to joining them
    8. As a woman you’ll contribute to closing the gender and racial pay gaps by asking to be paid fairly and competitively for your role
    9. Your career depends on it – you’ll discover whether or not the org is financially secure and how financial decisions are made (is there a fair process in place or does it depend on your manager?)
    10. You are worth it! Having more time, money, or flexibility in your life and career allows you to do great things and feel motivated to show up

Are you thinking about interviewing for a new job? Have you been holding off thinking now is not a good time to make a change because you’re not sure if the grass is really greener?

I want to help you make the best next decision for your career – even if that means leaving your current employer.  I want you to feel confident in starting the interview process so you can learn more about the job market and what organizations can offer you and your career.

If you’re wondering how you know if a new job offer is the right choice for you I’ve compiled 25 Questions You Need to Ask Before You Say “Yes” to the Job.  

Download your free guide today and get excited about putting yourself out there and finding a company, culture, and role that aligns with your ideal career.