5 Self Care Tips; Finding Success in Taking Care of Yourself

I am most productive when I’m flying. Put me on a plane and I’ll knock out content, book new clients, catch up on email, finish reading my book and even nap. I’ve always been able to focus on flights and look forward to the downtime. When I asked myself why, a light bulb went off. I was trapped! I literally could not walk to the fridge, check Instagram, wash dishes, or text my friends. The temptation of distraction was removed from my environment. Suddenly all of the things “I had to do” got done quickly and effortlessly and I could breathe again. The issue was, I wasn’t flying regularly enough to get everything done!

I’ve struggled with overwhelm in my life and career. I’ve been a victim of over “yes-ing” and struggling to meet my commitments and deadlines. The struggle wasn’t that I couldn’t get things done on time, the struggle was internal. A daily battle of feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and frustrated at “all the things” on my plate. This mindset didn’t allow me to do my best work or be my best self so I had to find another way. I wish I could tell you a big secret here, but it’s something I already knew and you probably do too. Finding a better way was finding my way back to me – prioritizing self-care and self-compassion.

When I allowed myself to lose the mindset of overwhelm and instead consciously make decisions about how my day played out, what I said yes to, and how I reacted to the world around me, I was set free. I want this for you too!

Here are my top 5 tips to self-care that will allow you to live in your highest potential and create deep connections with those that you love. I invite you to choose and apply at least 1 of these this week!

  1. Shut off your phone:
    The easiest way to create boundaries in your life that support your well being and productivity is to spend less time on your phone and less time being available to others. Unless you protect your time as the only resource you have, it will slip away. I encourage you to put your phone on sleep or do not disturb from 8pm-8am. Unless you consciously move away from being on the phone it will suck you in. Beginning and ending your days, your way, before checking in with others, will help support you in resting, relaxing, and choosing you. It will leave time for the important things in your life like relationships, health and wellness, downtime, and creativity.
  2. Ask for help: Are you taking responsibility for everything, in all areas of your life? Look around you and determine who is available, willing and even offering help? Are you willing to accept it or do you have an attachment to “doing it all”? Are you using busyness and overwhelm to avoid receiving help, love, and support? In order to sustain superhero status you have to rest, recuperate, and delegate. You’ll be no good to your colleagues or family if you’re burned out. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.
  3. Say “no”: 
    Pull up your calendar right now and look at your upcoming week or next month. What’s on your calendar that you really don’t want to do? What have you said “yes” to that really feels like a big hell “no”? Audit your commitments. Let go of what isn’t serving you. Saying “no” will give you the freedom to show up authentically and powerfully in the areas that are most important to you. Stop saying “yes” to please others and instead choose to say “no” to support yourself. You can be kind, loving and considerate even when saying “no”. At the end of the day what you say yes to, you accept. Caring for yourself means owning your worth and accepting only what is truly a yes for you.
  4. Celebrate: 
    When’s the last time you gave yourself a big pat on the back? When’s the last time you’ve stopped and allowed yourself to be proud of your hard work and the life you’ve created? Pull out a pen and jot down 10 things you’re grateful for in your life today, just as it is. What’s currently working well? Celebrate who you are and where you’ve come from by being in the moment and honoring your beauty, hard work, triumphs, and relationships.
  5. Check in with you! 
    At the end of the day, self-care is only achieved when you prioritize you. It’s counterintuitive, but the more you care for yourself, the faster you will achieve your goals and dreams, the deeper your connections will be with others, and the more you’ll allow abundance, joy, and health into your life. When you’re focused on others needs first you send a signal to yourself that you’re not worthy, not deserving, not enough. I promise there is a balance between caring for yourself and being caring of others. You can only pour from a glass that’s full, so remember to fill your cup. How do you do that? Give yourself permission on a daily basis to pause and ask yourself this question: “What do I need?” By checking in with yourself moment to moment, day to day, you will consciously make choices from a place that is supporting your ideal life and career. This is your chance to give to yourself in the way that you give to others. I promise it will pay off.