How Robin Yang Earned a 5-Figure Pay Raise [Case Study]

Successful Woman in Tech, Robin Yang – received a $30,000 salary increase, a promotion to Senior Product Manager, and additional benefits as part of her total compensation package with her organization in the EdTech space. All this happened within 4 months of starting our work together!

Before choosing to work with me as her coach, Robin was in charge of a big product launch and wanted to inspire and lead her team. She was struggling with balancing incorporating feedback and making decisions. Because of a terrible experience in a former job where she had been let go, Robin was holding back from stepping into her own leadership out of fear.

If Robin had not reached out for support, she might have “believed” that she wasn’t a right fit for her role which was so far from the truth. Once she gave herself permission to trust in her visions and decisions, she was able to lead from a place of authenticity without fear.

If she had not reached out for coaching support she may have left her organization and quit her job. And her organization would have missed out on her amazing talents.

Robin got clear about the areas she wanted to grow personally and professionally. Robin wanted to be able to let go of perfection.

She wanted to be able to trust herself and trust in her capabilities again and be open to receiving feedback vs. feeling defensive.

She wanted to feel more confident in her decisions at work.

She wanted to claim her seat at the table and increase her compensation with a promotion path.

Robin wanted to feel confident leading her team to success and wanted the language and skills to influence the executive leaders in her organization, one of which was her direct boss.

Since implementing Own Your Worth™ strategies, Robin has now let go of the need for validation and trusts in herself. She’s confidently prepared and negotiated a business case for her path to promotion where her boss respected her for her approach and thoughtfulness during the process.  She created a solution for the company, a solution for her career, and a solution for her boss by being thoughtful about how she could best contribute within her company, utilizing her strengths.

Own Your Worth™ strategies and methodologies are meant to build relationships between employees and employers where both parties “get what they want”.

The solutions are focused on fair and competitive pay for employees who also feel valued, recognized, and safe to show up to do their best work.  In turn, organizations benefit from having effective leaders, great communicators, and engaged employees on their teams.

Not only has Robin’s transformation helped her career and the company she works for…

Robin has also been featured in Good Morning America for her 5-figure pay raise.

Robin has allowed herself to pursue her own creative ventures like writing a novel and being a speaker at a gaming conference advocating for women to negotiate!

Congratulations to Robin!