It’s Time to Own Your Worth®

Grow your career on your terms by being authentic in tough conversations, building bridges through negotiation, and trusting “no” is not the end.

Transform your relationship with negotiation, money and self-advocacy through Owning Your Worth!

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YOU ARE WORTHY of a career, life and paycheck that lights you up instead of one that brings you down. 

I bet you’re very successful on the outside, but on the verge of burnout on the inside.  I bet you’re tired of having to prove yourself and you’re wondering how “everyone else” does it, am I right?

There is another way that does not require doing more,  if

  • You are ready to take bold action towards your biggest dreams

  • You want to move beyond  “no” and get to your “yes” with courage, curiosity, and confidence.

  • You’re ready to go from overworking and proving yourself to confidently self-advocating for more – respect, opportunities, responsibility, and yes, even compensation.

It’s your time to step into your highest potential, negotiate for your ideal life, and be rewarded for being a Worthy Woman!  Let me show you the way.  Your “yes” is on the other side of one hard conversation.

You Are Worthy: 

I know what it feels like to wonder if I’m good enough.

Hi, I’m Ashley Paré and I give driven female leaders the tools to own your worth from the inside out.   I help my clients step into their authentic power, ask for what they want, and build successful careers on their terms without the fear of negative consequences.

I learned how to overcome my fears and need to people please and now I live from a place of Activated Presence.  I know this is possible for you too.

Leveraging nearly two decades of experience in corporate Human Resources and Coaching, I will help you build, not burn, bridges through negotiation, self-advocacy, and giving and receiving feedback.

These are the hard, but necessary, conversations that are required to lead an impactful career and yet you weren’t taught how to have them! I am here for you. Let’s transform your world, from the inside out.

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“Working with Ashley  was a transformational experience because she helped me recognize how I was limiting my own potential. Ashley’s insights helped me to be more intentional about investing in myself and reclaiming control of my life. Ashley helped me to be more comfortable with defining what I wanted (personally and professionally) and not compromising. I was able to purchase my dream home and pursue a promotion because of intentional goal setting. She truly understands the art of coaching and helping people discover their confidence and the gifts that lie within each of us.” 

Robin, Senior Project Manager


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Are you willing to walk away from everything that’s not serving you to reach your dreams? Let me show you the way to make your bold leap and own your worth.

The Negotiator (How to Negotiate Effectively)

Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable talking about money? Do you wish you knew exactly what to say to land your next promotion and be recognized as a leader?  If you’re ready to catapult your career, this negotiation roadmap is for you.

If you’re uncomfortable negotiating know that it’s a skill that can be built. The reason you may fear negotiation is that many people take action (or avoid it altogether) before they’re ready. So, I’ve got you covered. Let’s start preparing your “big ask” from the inside out. Grab your notebook and pen and get ready to feel good about being recognized as a leader in your industry.


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