Ashley Paré is the CEO & Founder of Own Your Worth™, an organization on a mission to break glass ceilings through career negotiation.

Ashley Paré, Founder and CEO, Own Your Worth™, LLC

Ashley Paré, Founder and CEO, Own Your Worth™, LLC

As a leadership and negotiation coach, Ashley helps clients release self-limiting beliefs, feel confident and earn more.

Ashley’s clients have negotiated $35,000 raises and increased job offers by $30,000. Her clients have pivoted careers, started their own businesses and have been featured tech conference speakers.

Ashley’s mission is to create an army of women who own their worth and change the world.

Ashley leverages over 12 years of global corporate Human Resource experience and continues to work with organizations to create inclusive cultures.

Ashley is a TEDx Speaker and has been featured in The New York Times, Glamour, CNN Money and more.

She lives with her husband in Boston, MA.


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