As an Intuitive Leadership Coach, Negotiation Advocate, and Speaker, Ashley works with clients who want to feel confident when they ask for what they want.

She has over 12 years experience in corporate HR and extensive experience coaching highly motivated women in sales, technology, finance, marketing, and startups.

Ashley Paré, Founder and CEO, Own Your Worth, LLC

Ashley Paré, Founder and CEO, Own Your Worth, LLC


Ashley’s clients have negotiated $35,000 raises and increased job offers by $30,000. Her clients have pivoted careers, started their own businesses and have been featured tech conference speakers.

Ashley’s mission is to create an army of women who own their worth and change the world.

In addition, Ashley is a TEDx Speaker, a Lean In Circle Leader and facilitates for the AAUW Work Smart program in the Boston initiative to close the gender pay gap.

Ashley lives with her husband in Boston, has traveled the world, and has been featured in The New York Times, CNN, PBS News Hour, and more.