Am I Enough?

Am I Enough?

Feeling not good enough has become and epidemic in our culture.

You know what I’m talking about – comparing yourself to your friends, your co-workers, and even comparing yourself to the old, younger version of you.

How often do you seek outside validation from others before you trust in yourself?

I know I’m still guilty of this and it shows up in all kinds of ways!

I noticed the other night after cooking dinner for my husband. I was waiting for his approval before I decided if I liked the meal I cooked!

The truth is….

When you look outside yourself for someone or something to make you feel good enough (a partner, a job title, or a dollar amount on your paycheck), you will never feel worthy. It will never be enough.

No one can love you like you can.

No one can appreciate you more than you do.

No one will recognize you for all that you are – until you first give yourself the credit you deserve.

Here’s what I know is the hardest part for you:

  • SEEING your own gifts.
  • BELIEVING that you are oh so worthy of having everything you desire.

You’ve forgotten how to trust yourself because you’ve been operating from a place of not feeling good enough.

Here’s what I realized from my own journey from “not good enough” to self-acceptance:

This epidemic is preventing you from having the life, the relationships, the career, and the paycheck you truly desire.

I transformed my self-limiting belief “I’m not enough” by looking at all of the ways this belief was holding me back.

I created a new belief, a new operating system within me, which is rooted in my truth: “I am enough.” Exactly as I am.

This transformation allowed me to:

  • Show up confidently as me!
  • Trust in my abilities and make decisions that truly align with what I want.
  • Let go of things, patterns, and people that were no longer serving me.
  • Create a business I love.
  • Confidently walk out onto my TEDx stage.
  • Stand up for what I believe in, speak out, and speak up.

I stopped playing the waiting game in my life and career and I started calling the shots.

When you take action from a place of complete worthiness, from a place of “I am enough”, things beyond your wildest dreams come true!

Opportunities appear out of nowhere.  You meet people who heal you and challenge you.  You allow love and support into your life.  Money and abundance flows to you.

When you’re able to accept you as you are, knowing deeply that you are enough, you own your worth.

If you trusted in your worthiness – if you truly believed in yourself and your potential – what big leap would you take in your life or career? Let me know in the comment section below!

Lots of love and light,