My Career Pivot From HR Manager to Negotiation Coach [Podcast]

In January of this year I sat down with the fabulous Liz Ward of Slick Pivot to share the story of  my career pivot.  Little did either of us know that not only was I on the brink of my next pivot -motherhood, but the world was about to be launched into a COVID-19 pivot.

In this podcast episode I share why I decided to pivot and leave my corporate career to branch out into the unknown and build a business I love (hint: it includes pain).  Liz and I get real about the topic of change and as I listened back to this episode from the perspective I have now as a new Mom in quarantine, I realized something really important was missing from my story.

What I don’t talk about in this podcast is what I consider to be my biggest pivot yet:  my relationship with myself.  The time and space between my former career and my successful business was made up of a lot of growth, pain, trial and error and healing.  The shifts I made along the way have served me since.

We’ve all heard the saying “change is the only constant” in life, and yet when change happens outside of our control or not on our terms, we feel angry, sad, devastated, anxious etc. because we resist it.  Change is challenging because it can cause grief, heartache or pain.  Often when we’re faced with change it’s easier to stay where we are comfortable and continue living, working, and being like we’ve always done – it feels safe (even if we’re unhappy). Having been in that “resistance place” time and time again, what I’ve found to be true about change, and pivots, is this: the way we choose to perceive the change makes all the difference.  

You are probably feeling the depths of our global change right now but no matter where you are on the spectrum of grief (from shock/denial through acceptance) please be kind to yourself. As an eternal optimist, my hope is that you will find deeper meaning in your life and connections, and seize this opportunity to let go of what’s no longer serving you.

Your ability to pivot (change course or perspective) without denying your feelings along the way will be THE thing that allows you to weather this major global shift and thrive on the other side. 

For some of you, perhaps you’re ready to make huge changes in your life like start a business, leave a life-sucking job, or start a family.  For others, you may be in deep contemplation and not ready to take action right now and that’s okay too.

If you’re looking for pivot inspiration I invite you to tune in and listen to our chat.  Plus, Liz has a beautiful British accent that’s soothing to the ears 😉

We’ve all been forced into a pivot, ready or not.  So no matter what you’re feeling and facing today, remember: you can choose to pivot with purpose.  Pivots start with small, sustained changes in mindset and can lead to your most meaningful life experiences.

Trust in yourself and know that I’m right here with you.

Liz Ward:

Hello and welcome back to another episode of the slick pivot sessions. I’m Liz Ward and this is the podcast where we delve and deconstruct the journeys of people who have pivoted their careers. We’ll be stripping back the sugarcoating and uncovering the pitfalls on progress of our guests on offering some practical advice. For those of you wanting to make a change, join me as we’ve cracked the formula for making a successful pivot in your life or work.

My guest today is Ashley Paré, founder of Own Your Worth® and TEDx speaker. Ashley pivoted from her corporate HR career to be a leadership coach and negotiation advocate. She helps her clients strip back their fears, get confident, communicate effectively, and earn more. Ashley shares her story of a painful exit from her HR job that people knew her for and how it shaped everything else for her. After moving back from New York, she started to rebuild in her hometown of Boston. Alongside having a day job she started a business as a side hustle before taking the leap to full time entrepreneur. A few years later, Ashley’s clients have seen pay rises of more than $40,000 and her TEDx talk was a key pivot point where she could really move forward from her previous career.

She tells us why you shouldn’t ask for a pay rise from an emotional place. Why? Negotiation is a crucial skill in breaking through glass ceilings we subconsciously place over our own heads and if you haven’t pushed for a no, you have no idea what else might have been on the table.

Hi Ashley, it’s so great to have you on the Slick Pivot sessions podcast. I am such a fan of your work and what you are doing as the fabulous CEO and founder of Own Your Worth. You are bringing such important tools to women, helping them negotiate, helping them break through glass ceilings, just amazing what you’re doing in terms of helping people really change their lives. I’m really excited about hearing your story and pivot point. So I’d to rewind and talk about your pivot points that got you to this point, as a negotiation expert. How did you get here?

Ashley Paré:

Great question. I love this idea of pivoting because it’s such a big fear for so many people, but it can be so empowering and exciting and it happens more often than I think we even give ourselves credit for in terms of life is always changing, so why not embrace it?

Tune in to hear the full podcast episode! In this vulnerable interview, I talk about my painful exit from the HR job that people knew me for. I share why you shouldn’t ask for a raise from an emotional place and why negotiation is a crucial skill in breaking through the ceilings we subconsciously place over our own heads. If you haven’t moved your negotiation to a place of “no” you have no idea what else might of been on the table.

Listen for tips on:

-Negotiating to get paid what you are worth.

-Getting the flexible working hours you want

-the inspiration that it is possible to rise back from a painful exit of the job that people know you for