Interview by Groundwork!

How Women Can Win Big in Career Negotiation: Interview with Ashley Paré by Sarah, Co-founder at Groundwork!

“I remember the first and last time I ever asked for a raise. I had accepted a promotion and moved overseas to manage a web development team in Buenos Aires. After two years in Argentina, my responsibilities (and stress) had increased exponentially but my salary remained the same. I scheduled a meeting with my boss and wrote my own performance review, outlining my added responsibilities and accomplishments. Then I made my ask.

My boss was not receptive. In fact, he was entirely dismissive and almost scornful of my request. I felt disrespected and hurt. At the time, I was the glue holding the entire Buenos Aires operation together. How could he not value my contribution?

I planned my exit and left the company a couple of months later. I decided to begin my career as an entrepreneur, because I didn’t want to have a boss tell me how much I was worth ever again.

I’ve since learned that this experience is not uncommon. I also learned that as an entrepreneur, I have to negotiate and stand up for my worth even more often than before.

Enter Ashley Paré, CEO of Own Your Worth. Ashley works with women to help them negotiate raises and feel confident asking for what they want. Ashley is leading a workshop on career negotiation here at Groundwork in March, and she took a moment to answer a few questions about her work “ continue reading