It’s My Turn!

A few years ago I felt so behind in my career because I hadn’t yet hit the “Director” level.

I would search LinkedIn and see former colleagues and old classmates with Director, VP and even CEO titles and I’d think to myself – “Why am I not there yet”?

Or, I’d help get a colleague a promotion by coaching them through the process and again I’d think to myself, like a kid in the backseat whining, “When is it MY turn”?

Fast forward a year or so later and I got a call from a tech company about a Head of HR position at the Senior Director level. At first, I was excited. I was finally going to have my time to shine! It would be one step closer to reaching my goal of CHRO for a global company.

But then it hit me – once upon a time, that role would have been my dream career. It was what I thought I wanted for so long.

For years I was all in on growing my corporate career, climbing the ladder, and getting to “the top.” Yet, road bump after road bump, I would ask myself, “Is this all there is? Is this really what I’m meant to do?”

​You see, by the time I got the chance to move my foot up one more rung on the corporate ladder, I finally realized it was no longer my dream.

By then, I had started my coaching business on the side, and I quickly realized that my calling was not HR, but rather to remove the HR veil and be a catalyst for true corporate change.

I was burnt out trying to change one company, one CEO at a time. I had an epiphany – I was called to create an army of women who were willing, able and ready to change their organizations, ultimately by changing the way they showed up at work and in their life!

Once I owned my vision for my life and career I was easily able to say “no” to the Senior Director opportunity and a big “hell yes!” to running my business full time.

I let go of the one thing I had “always wanted” to truly step into what I was meant to do.

And you know what, I skipped a few “levels” and jumped to CEO.

But I don’t consider myself as having moved up.

Instead, I’ve moved on. Moved forward. Moved over to entrepreneurship.

I’ve moved beyond comparing myself and my career to others. I’ve moved into being my authentic self.

And now, I move others to do the same.

I know you may feel stuck when you compare yourself to others and I understand. I’ve been there.

But for today, for this week, maybe even this month, I invite you to get INSPIRED by others. I invite you to look at the path and journey of the people around you and instead of asking, “Why not me?” Ask yourself:

  • Is this truly what I want?

  • Is my current path serving me?

  • What am I willing to do or let go of to make a step towards fulfilling my goal?

Creating a fulfilling life and career requires us to let go of old dreams, old habits, old patterns and people that are no longer serving us so we can make room for new.

It’s like Marie-Kondo’ing your life. Let go of what no longer brings you joy – including comparing yourself to others!

Instead, focus on the people around you that inspire you and see it as a sign that it’s absolutely possible for you to create the life that you want.

The question is – what are you willing to do to have it?

If you’re ready to be inspired by other women who have boldly stepped into their power to ask for and receive big raises, check out this Glamour article that features Own Your Worth and share with me what one action you will take this month to own your worth?