Jennifer left a leadership position in digital health and 17 years working in research (including earning a PhD) to start her own coaching business!


Now, Jennifer’s coaching clients in science to create supportive habits, thrive in the presence of stress and build careers they love.

Prior to joining The Activator, Jennifer was feeling stuck in her career path and didn’t know where to go next.  She was looking to gain clarity on her vision for her life and career after becoming a Mom and wasn’t feeling excited about any job prospects.  

Jennifer gave herself permission to invest in her future because she was inspired by the mission of OYW and Ashley’s insights, authenticity and boldness.  Jennifer tapped into her own boldness by using her fears and self-limiting beliefs to show her the path forward.  She took courageous action to leave a career that did not align with her to step into the unknown of building a new business and today she is actively creating her ideal life.

Congratulations on owning your worth Jennifer!


What were your goals when you started the coaching work? What shifts did you want to see?

My goal was to gain clarity and take action in the next steps for my career. I had been at my organization for several years and knew it was time for me to transition to a new position. Yet, I didn’t know what that next step would be as every position I had considered – which would have been the next “logical” step – did not excite me. That’s when I knew I needed support in building a new vision and path.


In what ways has your career changed since owning your worth?

During The Activator program I committed to showing up fully, being open and taking action. I left my job and, shortly after, founded my own coaching business. Today, I help scientists be more successful by transforming unhelpful beliefs and habits, reconnecting with their big vision, and cultivating new ways to support their well-being in the face of stress or challenge.


What specific outcomes (internal and external) have you received from your commitment to coaching?

Looking back, it couldn’t be more obvious that this was the work I was meant to do but I couldn’t see it through my own fear. Ashley helped me connect the dots between my experience and talents, and navigate through the fears of starting my own business. I now feel inspired in my work coaching talented scientists and have clarity on where I want to go.


What does “owning your worth” mean to you?

To me “owning your worth” means listening to and showing up for yourself and, then, taking courageous actions to create the life you really want.

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