The HR Insider’s Guide to Negotiation

A guide for women who are looking to own their worth, understand their money story, and make big, bold asks in their careers.

What’s inside


Why you need to learn the art of negotiation


How to transform your relationship with money


When to use your new negotiation skills


The inner work that’s involved in negotiating – hello emotions!


How to actually negotiate at work

Make Your Decision

No matter what happens when you ask, you have to be clear about your walk-away point. At what point do you decide that it’s in your best interest to walk away? Is it saying no to the highest salary you’ve been offered because the office culture isn’t a good fit? Get clear on your non-negotiables.

Deciding when to say “yes” or “no” to a negotiation offer is where your power lives. What you say yes to, you accept! No one can force you into any deal – you have to make a deal with yourself and hold yourself accountable for listening to your truth. If you end up saying yes and change your mind later, that’s okay.

However, if you say yes because you’re afraid of the unknown and not willing to wait for an ideal offer/opportunity, you have to ask yourself if that is owning your worth and taking action from a place of power. Ultimately there is no right or wrong pay, title, career, or choice in your life – only the ones you make that you’re proud of and that help you learn, grow, and evolve.

So, make the best decision for you in that moment and trust that if you’re willing to walk away, not settle for less, and own your worth, you will reap the rewards.



This compact guide is going to help you understand what you’re bringing to negotiation and help you understand what you want to take away. Negotiation is more than asking for a raise or promotion, but building a case based on your market value and the tangible and intangible skills you offer. 

If you’re unsure what those are, don’t worry! These questions and more are offered in the guide. PLUS, you will get word-for-word scripts help you navigate those hard conversations.


About the author.

Ashley gives female leaders the tools to own their worth and the courage to ask for what they want so they can start recognizing their value and stop proving themselves.  Leveraging her global Human Resources experience she helps clients break through internal and external glass ceilings by using effective language to make “asks” that align their ideal career, impact, and earnings.

Ashley’s workshops create a safe space for leaders to tap into and understand the fear and self-limiting beliefs that hold them back from owning their worth so they can find and use their voice to make impact at work and in life.  By  helping clients step into their power and operate from their full potential without fearing what others think, their lives and businesses thrive. Through Ashley’s leadership program, The Activator®, clients learn to lead authentically by owning their value so they can confidently grow their career and take bold action.

Ashley is a TEDx Speaker and has been featured in The New York TimesGlamourCNN Money and more.

She lives with her husband and son in Boston, MA.

Ashley Paré