Do you want to earn more money, land a new job, or increase revenue in your business by the end of this year?

If so, listen up. You were probably taught like me, that the path to success, wealth, and the respect you deserve is paved with keeping your head down, working hard(er), and going above and beyond to get the job done.  

You’ve been lied to! That’s not enough for women and people of color.

Not rocking the boat and being the “good schoolgirl” unfortunately doesn’t translate in business. It ends up only hurting you, your dreams, and your finances long term.

So, how do you make progress towards your career goals and prepare to negotiate for your ideal life? First, you have to claim your goals and dreams. Without clarity, you’re spinning your wheels.

If you’re waiting on the job market to improve or if you’ve been told by your current manager to just “hang in there,” you’re not managing your own career. Working harder without a clear path on what you should be working on is not the solution to creating your financial dreams or being recognized and rewarded. 

You’re ready to be recognized, right? You don’t want to have to work any harder because you’re at the edge of burnout. So, let me get you started on a path to creating results on your own terms.

It’s time for you to work on the right things, because putting your energy on the wrong things (like overworking and avoiding the truth) will not bring you the success and change you desire to see.

Nope. Not in our current systems anyway.  


Here’s what you can do right now to create your ideal future:

1. Own your inherent worthiness.

2. Understand and articulate the value you deliver.

3. Be super clear about how your contribution directly impacts the business.


(Over)working on the wrong things with fear leading the way will not get you paid.  


If you want something different – something more than before, you have to show up differently

I know, I know. Change is hard! It would be so much easier if your boss would just wake up already, or if your company paid its people better, or if you never had to talk about money again. I get it. 

If you are feeling like the road ahead looks more like a steep mountain shrouded in darkness, you’re not alone. Let me help you get unstuck so you can be on the path to earning more sooner rather than later. In order to create the energy to work on the three steps above here’s what I recommend you do first: 

1 | Rest

I know it’s counterintuitive, but you’ll reach all of your goals faster if you slow down. Staying busy to avoid change or avoid what you’re feeling will only keep you on the same path. Making time for actual rest (not Netflix and chillin’) will help you get super clear about what’s working in your life and career – and what’s not.  And then you’ll find the energy to do something about it. 

2 | Find Support

Change is hard.  No one gets to “the top” alone.  If you want to be the best version of yourself, look around you. Are the people in your life and supporting you or keeping you stuck? Are they reminding you that you CAN or that you probably SHOULDN’T?  Support is crucial to creating meaningful change and it’s so much more fun with someone on your side!

3 | Set Weekly Goals

Maybe you love spreadsheets – I don’t.  I’m much more of a handwritten list girl.  But whatever the tool, I recommend you start tracking your DA’s – daily actions.  How long are you scrolling on Insta? (It’s okay if you’re scrolling on my page though, cuz I’m here to support you 😉 How much on career-development? How much time journaling and dreaming but not taking action towards a better job? If you track it – it will come!

Change doesn’t have to be hard, but it is work. Working on the right things for you and your goals will lead you to success – not burn out. 

I hope this will shine some light on your path and guide you to taking inspired action towards your biggest dreams and bigger paycheck!