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A Journey to Confident Leadership

Activate your true leadership potential and step into your power by releasing money fears and the pressure to prove yourself, and instead take inspired action to own your worth and create the life of your dreams!

16 week program that begins on September 17th 2019

The Activator™ is geared towards motivated women in business who are ready to own their worth and fulfill their highest potential. 

Are you ready to own your worth and feel confident as a leader in your organization or your business?

The Activator™ is for motivated women who…

  • Are ready to up-level your career and want the encouragement, accountability, and tools to make it happen before the end of this year.

  • Want to stop feeling stuck and doing things out of obligation.

  • Want to feel confident/trust your intuition but you experience debilitating self-criticism. 

  • Want to trust you are doing a great job and give yourself credit but you feel intense pressure to prove yourself at work.

  • Wish you knew how to ask for a raise or promotion but you don’t feel confident negotiating, speaking up or saying no.

  • Feel stuck and don’t know which steps to take to begin the search for a new job, and advocate for more pay. 

  • Want a better work-life balance but you struggle to maintain the boundaries to receive it. 

  • Want more recognition, more pay, and more opportunities but you are afraid of failure.

  • Want to own your worth but your money beliefs keep you stuck and living small.

  • Want to change your relationship with money and receiving abundance but you don’t know where to start.

If you’re ready to move outside of your comfort zone to create the career, income, and impact you desire, The Activator™ will transform your future. 

Join me on this journey within to freedom, power, and abundance.

You will embrace your truth and your purpose.

You will gain the confidence to ask for what you want and say “no” to what no longer serves you.

You will Own Your Worth™ and change your life!

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The Activator™ addresses both the emotional and practical side of business. It provides the practical language and strategies to navigate the corporate world with confidence and the toolbox to handle the emotional ups and downs of growing a career.

Imagine if…

You were able to be your best self in all areas of your life?  Imagine if you allowed yourself to go after your biggest, wildest dreams?  

You believed it was possible to feel connected to the life you are creating, no matter what happens around you.

You reacted from a place of confidence, trust, power, and presence rather that fear, self-doubt, and validation-seeking. 

You allowed yourself to shift gears, create new goals, and trust in the outcome? 

You gave yourself permission and space to intimately know what your heart desires? 

You felt comfortable asking for help, being vulnerable, and putting yourself out there? 

Imagine how your life would change if you lived from that space?

You are earning $35,000 more per year and felt worthy of receiving it? 

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By joining the Activator™, you will:

1) Release anxiety around hearing “no”! Learn how to show up confidently in your power, make an ask, and know that no matter what happens, you can let go of the outcome and be proud of yourself for showing up.

2) Truly feel empowered and strong once you prioritize yourself. You know you can do anything you set your mind to.

3) Be self assured and supported by a group of supportive women when preparing your bold ask.

4) Encouragement throughout the process and accountability of your career goal despite curveballs (or recognition when the goal evolves)

Now is your time to step into your leadership potential like previous Activator™ clients…

“If there is anything you've been putting off in your career or life, take the Activator class. It will kick start you to focus on your goals, and start seeing results to achieving your goals. If you feel alone in your process, take the Activator class. You will meet so many strong, inspiring women that want to see you win. And you will cheer each other on! Any woman would benefit from the Activator - you feel a surge of empowerment and the right reset on your past perceptions that have been holding you back!”

“Ashley is a powerful, compassionate, passionate, empathetic, and insightful Leadership Coach that gave myself and my cohort the tools to embrace our CEO's within. She helped me develop my leadership skills and confidence around presenting. I really appreciated how comfortable she made the space during our group workshops, which allowed us all to really get down to the root of our issues and impart positive change. Ashley has transformed not just my career but my life as well and she has my highest recommendation.”

“It’s a gift! The commitment, time and monetary investment will enable you to go all-in. You will build positive habits and will see progress toward your goals. This course is action oriented!”


Module 1: Self Love & Self Care

-How to prioritize you, build a personal ritual, and commit to your own growth during our process

Module 2: Money Relationship

-Deep dive into money beliefs, fears, and old habits in order to transform self-limiting beliefs into an abundance mindset.  Strategy, tools, and practical takeaways to change your relationship with giving and receiving (aka making money). 

Module 3: Confidence & Clarity

-How to build confidence by taking action and how to get clear about your ideal outcome and career goals during our program.  You will learn how to trust in yourself and decipher between fear and truth. 

Module 4: Executive Presence 

-How to effectively build influence, improve your personal brand, and uncover your strengths

Module 5: Big Ask/Bold Action

-Identify the big ask or bold action you will take during our program and create an action plan.  This is how clients have received $30,000+ promotions and created their highest revenue months ever in business! 

Module 6: Giving & Receiving Feedback 

-Learn to love the process of giving and receiving feedback at work to grow your career, build influence, and position yourself as a trusted leader.  You will actively seek feedback to build your Big Ask case! 

Module 7: How to Build A Case and Make an Ask

-Practical action plan and step by step process to build a value based case to grow your business or career  - whether it’s increasing client base or receiving a promotion. This proven strategy will give you the language to make effective “asks” in your career where you will be seen as professional, collaborative, and irreplaceable.

Module 8: Self-Advocacy & Negotiation

-How to confidently self-advocate and negotiate for more money with clients, bosses, and HR to grow your career and paycheck. 

Module 9: Practice Makes Perfect 

- Practice making your Big Ask/Bold Action live to receive feedback and coaching from our cohort 

Module 10: Being Your Best Self 

-How to be your best self on a daily basis, how to sustain and continue your journey of self-discovery and growth, and how to trust in owning your worth.


  • 16 week group coaching program

  • 12x 90 minute live zoom calls, recorded

  • Individual & partner leadership exercises

  • Private Slack group for community and support

  • Private Spotlight coaching with Ashley

  • Guest Speakers, tools & resources, and more!


$7,000 Pay in Full

$7,500 3 Month Payment Plan

$8,000 6 Month Payment Plan

*A $750 deposit is required to hold your spot in the program. 


  • Will you include a guarantee or refund policy?

    No refunds. A $750 deposit is required to hold your spot in the program.  Payment plan options available.

  • Will I have access to program materials?
    All sessions are recorded and you have access to all of the eBooks, materials, and guest speakers in perpetuity.  

  • What happens when I miss a session?
    If you miss a session you will still have access to the recording and can join bi-weekly Office Hours.

  • How much time do I need to invest into this program?
    Weekly time commitment during the program is 2-3 hours.

  • How will I benefit from being in the group?
    Group coaching is powerful and The Activator™ cohorts are safe spaces where clients respect each other’s privacy and support each other’s goals and dreams.


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