Activator Alumna Robin Yang

The Own Your Worth Activator™

You are successful. You are brave. You have a vision for your ideal life, yet it is a “someday” life. What is holding you back? What better time is there than now to move through your fears, embrace your power, and create the future of your dreams?

You are motivated, intelligent, and willing to work harder than most to achieve greatness. You are ready to up-level your career and life and you seek the skills and confidence to get there. What do you need? How do you know you’re on the “right” path for you?

Everything you need is already WITHIN you. It is up to you to ACTIVATE your true potential.

Join me on this journey within to freedom, power, and abundance. You will embrace your truth and your purpose. You will gain the confidence to ask for what you want and say “no”to what no longer serves you. You will Own Your Worth and change your life.

Leadership Modules:

• Self-Care & Self-Love

• Money Relationship

• Confidence & Clarity

• Executive Presence & Personal Branding

• Giving & Receiving Feedback

• Self-Advocacy & Negotiation

• Realizing Your Best Self

• And more!


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