Ashley Paré in the Media


Ashley Paré featured on the Chancleta Generation podcast 

Salary Negotiation for Latinas with Ashley Paré – Chancleta Generation Podcast

In this episode, we speak about why it’s historically so difficult for women and Latinas to earn what we’re worth and much more! We dive deep into money relationship, self-advocacy, negotiating as women of color and the systems that can keep us stuck in fear.

Ashley Paré featured on the Motherhood Village podcast

Own Your Worth with Ashley Paré -The Motherhood Village Podcast

My most vulnerable interview to date. I discuss  how to manifest the life you want, healing from your past for your children, letting go of your fears and advocating for yourself, surrendering in motherhood, my career & business journey and much more!

Ashley Paré featured on the Boston’s Best podcast

The Power of Self-Confidence with Own Your Worth – Boston’s Best Podcast

I discuss the process of how I help others find confidence in their value and worth in their professional lives. We also discuss the importance of prioritizing your time, setting boundaries, and getting clear on your why.


Ashley Paré featured in Glamour

These Women Got Killer Raises, and You Can Too, Glamour

“When you make your ask, you have to be willing to walk away. Go into the discussion prepared with your bottom line and let your employer know that you really would like to stay with them, but it’s important to you that you’re paid fairly and competitively.”

Ashley Paré featured on PBS Newshour

Boston entrepreneur trains women to negotiate in an effort to close the wage gap on PBS News Hour

“After a boss told Ashley Paré that hearing her ask for a raise made him angry, she quit her job and started her own company. Now, she’s helping women negotiate for more.”

Ashley Paré featured on Good Morning America

This Woman Earned a 5-Figure Pay Raise and You Can, Too on Good Morning America

Own Your Worth Client Robin Yang shares how she worked with worked with Ashley Paré for three months, which changed everything and received a 5-figure raise.