The HR Insider’s Guide to Negotiation


Are you ready to build your case, ask the right questions, and secure your next raise, promotion, or ideal career pivot? Then this Negotiation Guide is for you!  In this guide you’re going to learn:

  • Why you need to learn the art of negotiation
  • How to transform your relationship with money
  • The inner work that’s involved in negotiating – hello emotions!
  • How to actually negotiate at work
  • When to use your new negotiation skills

This guide not only gives you all of my tried and true negotiation tips, but it also includes:

  • Money relationship support! You’ll receive guided prompts to walk you through the deeper work behind your money story so you don’t leave money on the table or bring tears into your bosses office
  • Step-by-step guides to building your case for your negotiation, including questions to ask, information to gather, and where to get the best salary data for your position
  • The exact language you need to make your ask! The guide includes the conversation starter and exact statements to make to ensure that your negotiation is effective, no matter the outcome
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