Rebecca doubled her salary to $105,000 in 2 years.


What specific outcomes (internal and external) have you received from your commitment to Own Your Worth coaching?


I was hired as an apprentice user experience professional paid at $52,000 annually in the Midwest. Fast forward two years and I doubled my salary to $105,000.

Two of those raises happened with the help of Own Your Worth – first as a one-on-one client, and second, in the first Activator cohort. The third was this summer and I used the materials that Ashley had provided to help me prepare.


  • What industry are you in and how many total years of working experience do you have?

    Current industry: technology consulting
    Total years of working experience: 18
    Total years working in technology: about 3


  • What challenges and objectives led you to look for a coach? What were you struggling with?

    I felt that I was underpaid after accepting my first full time job in tech. I was also frustrated with the negotiation experience I had for a job I wanted, and accepted.


  • What were your goals before working with Ashley?

    I can’t say I had specific goals in mind prior to working with Ashley. I was focused on surviving the day-to-day. I felt small and unsure that my feelings were justified.


  • How did you hear about Own Your Worth programs?

    I attended an Own Your Worth webinar given by Ashley that was sponsored by Tech Ladies.


  • What might have happened if you did not identify a solution or did not reach out for support?

    I imagine I would have grown even more resentful, sad, and burned out.


  • How did you feel prior to coaching and working with Own Your Worth?

    Prior to coaching and working with Own Your Worth I felt alone with my experience at work. I didn’t feel like I had support or the tools to productively address the feeling that I was underpaid.


  • Did you explore other solutions prior to this that did not work out? If so, what happened?

    Searching for support in the Tech Ladies virtual community led me to sign up for the Own Your Worth webinar. I also talked to a few select friends and family members.


  • In what ways has your life, relationships or career changed since owning your worth?

    Working with Ashley and Own Your Worth changed the trajectory of my life. It changed what I thought was possible for my life. And it changed my relationship to money (these beliefs are still in process but I’ve come a LONG way).


  • Is there a particular aspect of the product or service that has helped the most in your transformation or achieving your goals?

    I think perhaps what was most transformative was working with Ashley on preparing for and making the asks. Even though I had a full resume of job experience, in multiple industries, I had never once asked for a raise. I thought salary was negotiated at the start of a job and raises were either dictated by your number of years of employment (every five years, every ten years…) or were rare unexpected gifts bestowed on an employee when the employer thought you were doing a good job and had the funds to appreciate you. (To give a little context, my work experience prior to tech was working for non-profits and in local governments.)

    There were SO MANY beliefs I had about my self-worth and about money and work that OYW supported me to begin to see differently. Ashley’s grounding presence (because heck, this stuff is hard and unsettling and uncomfortable) and the knowledge and tools she brought to the coaching experience were supportive and transformative.

    She has a gift of creating a safe space for women to be open and vulnerable and find and own their power. I am SO grateful she is in the world (she is incredibly passionate about what she does and cares deeply about the internal and external success of her clients) and I am so grateful I had the opportunity and means to work with her.


  • What does “owning your worth” mean to you?

    When I signed up for the Tech Ladies webinar back in October 2017, I thought owning my worth meant getting paid fairly for the value of work I provided my employer.

    Through my experience with OYW coaching, my understanding of this has become more expansive and liberating. Owning my worth now means having the courage to ask for whatever it is I want in life. And while we rarely get everything we want in life, I learned there is value in ASKING.

    It’s like learning to unabashedly show up for yourself, something that women are not always socialized to do, but our world so desperately needs.

    I’m so grateful that OYW is teaching and supporting women to ask for what they want. <3

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