Developing and investing in talent is good for business.

Developing and investing in talent is good for business.

Ashley Paré is a captivating speaker who delivers keynote talks and interactive workshops. By leveraging her own personal experiences to connect with her audiences, Ashley provides actionable insights that can be implemented immediately.

Speaking topics include:

  • self-advocacy and negotiation
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • effective communication
  • leadership

Ashley has been booked by some of the biggest organizations in technology and finance and regularly speaks for leadership conferences, employee resource groups and women’s organizations. Ashley is inspirational, empowering, and relatable!

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Own Your Worth & Negotiate Too

Does it feel uncomfortable self-advocating for more at work? Do you shy away from having hard conversations for fear of negative consequences? Are you ready to “make the ask” for your next big promotion but worry you’ll hit a roadblock and hear the words “no”? Having hard conversations at work is essential in your career growth journey, but it doesn’t have to be paved with fear, doubt or avoidance.  This interactive session will help attendees learn how to:

  • trust that “no” is not the end
  • own and articulate your value and impact within the organization
  • leverage the power of negotiation to create your ideal career
  • release fear and self-doubt to create impact and connection with colleagues

Fearless Feedback

Overview:  Are you ready to be recognized within your organization and leverage your voice to create impact and grow your career? Are you ready to confidently deliver performance reviews to your team? If so, you’ll want to master the art of giving and receiving feedback.  During this interactive talk employees and managers will learn performance review feedback best practices like:

  • how to build trust and have open communication
  • how and when to ask for feedback
  • how to deliver and manage constructive criticism

“Ashley’s discussion on self-advocacy and negotiation was the tough love our employees needed. She’s a natural conversationalist and gave folks actionable steps one could take to advocate for themselves. We received validation that being emotional and scared is part of the process, but Ashley showed us we can process the feelings and then prepare to ask for what we deserve. A big takeaway is if you don’t get a “no”, you haven’t asked for enough.” 

Viktoria Kareva

Square1 Co-Lead, Justworks

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