Stephanie landed a new job and negotiated an $18,000 base salary pay increase within a few months of working with Own Your Worth!

Stephanie found out she was the lowest paid person on her team but she was not the least qualified for her role.  Getting this information motivated Stephanie to make a career change and face her fears around negotiation and self-advocacy.  She never wanted to be in that position again!

Within only a few months of starting her coaching journey with Own Your Worth, Stephanie landed a new job and negotiated an $18,000 base salary pay increase!  She went from feeling afraid in job interviews and uncomfortable talking about money to joining an exciting startup with more autonomy to showcase her expertise and leadership. Stephanie did the work to understand what it was about her unique background and skills that made her a valuable asset. Stephanie went from feeling scared about her career future to calm, confident and worthy.

Congratulations Stephanie, you are a Worthy Woman!

What industry are you in and how many total years of working experience do you have?

I am in the healthcare industry and have 10 years working experience in the field of health insurance, nursing and healthcare tech startup.


What challenges led you to look for a coach? What were you struggling with?

I felt very uncomfortable talking about negotiations around benefits and salary. I was at a job in which I found out that I had the lowest salary within a group of individuals with the same role. I said this cannot happen again!  Job interviews were scary for me, I didn’t know how to present myself. I also wasn’t fully clear on my worth.


What were your goals before working with Ashley?

Negotiating a higher salary and landing a more fulfilling job


What might have happened if you did not reach out for support?

I might not have accepted a new position and instead stayed where I was unhappy or I might have accepted a lower compensation package.


How did you feel prior to coaching and working with Own Your Worth?

I felt confused, and scared about my career. I was very frustrated as to where I was and had a lot of negative thoughts in my head.


In what ways has your life and career changed since owning your worth?

I am so much more confident and calm. I feel that I am deserving of whatever I ask for (which is brand new to me). I am not defined strictly by title; I am a loving ball of light who is capable of drawing in anything I want because I am worthy.


What specific outcomes have you received from your commitment to coaching?

I got a new job at an innovative startup and was able to get a base salary increase of $18,000!


What does “owning your worth” mean to you?

Being a CEO Steph – it means I have confidence and self love.

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