A full course designed to help you get paid what you are worth. Learn how to confidently master the skill of negotiation and get your “yes!”

$697 or 3 payments of $250

What’s holding you back from negotiating your pay?


Maybe it's the language...

Are you unsure of the what to say and how to say it without coming across as aggressive or greedy?


Maybe it's fear...

Are you afraid of the potential negative consequences, like risking a new job offer, or afraid of how you’ll be perceived by others?


Maybe it's the past...

Have you had a negative negotiation experience in the past and you’d rather not rock the boat?

You’ll receive lifetime access to The Negotiator program and course updates.  The course includes special access to the Worthy Community to give you the tools to confidently negotiate for your future. 

Failing to negotiate can cost you up to $600,000 over the course of your career! Learn how to build - not burn - bridges through negotiation. Here's what clients are saying about The Negotiator:

“The Negotiator course teaches you how to successfully tap into your worth, negotiate, and advocate for yourself across so many different scenarios that arise in everyday life. While the program is essential for learning how to navigate workplace negotiations – the skills it teaches are lifelong and go far beyond the workplace.” 
– Julie Anne M.

“I negotiated an extra week of vacation time which is now the baseline for the entire organization!” 
– Robin

“The Negotiator provides an excellent framework to overcome barriers that stop you from asking for what you want, to quantify your salary objective, and to effectively execute the negotiation from an informed and empowered place.” – Leticia

About the author.

Ashley gives female leaders the tools to own their worth and the courage to ask for what they want so they can start recognizing their value and stop proving themselves.  Leveraging her global Human Resources experience she helps clients break through internal and external glass ceilings by using effective language to make “asks” that align their ideal career, impact, and earnings.

Ashley’s workshops create a safe space for leaders to tap into and understand the fear and self-limiting beliefs that hold them back from owning their worth so they can find and use their voice to make impact at work and in life.  By  helping clients step into their power and operate from their full potential without fearing what others think, their lives and businesses thrive. Through Ashley’s leadership program, The Activator®, clients learn to lead authentically by owning their value so they can confidently grow their career and take bold action.

Ashley is a TEDx Speaker and has been featured in The New York TimesGlamourCNN Money and more.

She lives with her husband and two son’s in Boston, MA.

Ashley Paré