Chantel received multiple job offers from major brand names and nearly tripled her compensation package as a UX Designer.


Before working with Own Your Worth®, Chantel received feedback in a former role that she needed to project more confidence in client meetings and yet was offered a promotion without a salary increase.

Since saying ‘YES’ to herself by deciding to work with Own Your Worth®, Chantel received multiple job offers from major brand names for new roles that have helped propel her career growth.

Not only has Chantel been offered promotions and almost triple the compensation she had before, she has also started public speaking and has been able to serve as a mentor to women in tech.  Thanks to her new level of confidence, she has built strong relationships with colleagues and leaders in her industry.

Congratulations on owning your worth Chantel!

What industry are you in and how many total years of working experience do you have?

I am in the tech industry, working as a UX Designer. I have 14 total years of working experience, with the last 4 focused on UX Design.

What challenges and objectives led you to look for a coach? What were you struggling with?

During one of my performance reviews, it was noted that I needed to project more confidence in client meetings when answering impromptu questions. I also had just received a promotion without an appropriate salary increase. I began to notice a theme of being inclined to take what was offered to me as opposed to what I wanted and needed in my career. I knew that if I was going to truly grow it was time to step out of my comfort zone and shift my thinking.

What were your goals before working with Ashley?

Before working with Ashley, my aim was to grow my confidence and learn how to be a better advocate for myself.

How did you hear about Own Your Worth programs?

Ashley shared a New York Times article about her efforts in Boston to help close the gender pay gap. I was moved and reached out to congratulate her on her work and the rest is history.

What might have happened if you did not identify a solution or did not reach out for support?

Without Ashely’s support, I don’t think I would have pushed myself as much as I did. I feel so much more confident in my own skin. I’m comfortable asking for what I want as well as helping others to step into their power, too. This positive ripple effect would not have happened and I am not sure where I would be working right now.

How did you feel prior to coaching and working with Own Your Worth?

Prior to coaching and working with Own Your Worth®, I felt small and used my introverted personality as a crutch. I also felt like I had let myself down by saying “yes” to things that didn’t push my career or earning potential as far as it should have.

Did you explore other solutions prior to this that did not work out? If so, what happened?

I attended talks and webinars and read many articles. This helped open my eyes to the fact that I needed to figure out how to get myself out of this rut and gain the belief in myself that I needed to propel my career forward.

In what ways has your life, relationships or career changed since owning your worth?

Since learning how to truly own my worth, I have grown my soft skills and have become a stronger presenter at work. I have earned more responsibilities as well as the respect of my colleagues. I have also learned to stand up for what I deserve – now my compensation is almost double what it used to be.

Is there a particular aspect of the product or service that has helped the most in your transformation or achieving your goals?

The small group setting helped foster a sense of community that allowed us all to be open and vulnerable. It was humbling and beautiful to see commonalities within the group, as well as areas of difference, both of which allowed us to grow and support one another.

What specific outcomes (internal and external) have you received from your commitment to coaching?  Ie, increase in income, promotions, new jobs, speaking opportunities, confidence etc.

Commitment to coaching and saying “yes” to myself has resulted in two new roles that have helped propel my career growth forward. I have also received an opportunity to do a lightning talk, increased trust from colleagues and superiors due to my stronger projection of confidence, the ability to serve as a mentor, and almost triple the compensation I had before.

What does “owning your worth” mean to you?

To me “owning your worth” means allowing myself to step into—and live—within my power. It means being aware of my self-limiting beliefs, how they are affecting me, and knowing that they’re not true. It means ensuring that I make time and space to connect with myself so that I can help take care of others. And it means knowing that I have earned what I deserve and should ask for it.

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